Friday, June 2, 2017


The first National development plan was an infant child of Nigeria's post-independence development strategies. The development plan was nothing but a false one aimed at proliferation of the National for the benefit of the colonial masters.
The Nation was divided into three regions for effective spread of development. Agriculture was given the highest priority especially as regards to the production of cash crops for export to the metropolitan countries. It is in this plan Nigeria started getting external aid to execute its development needs. The National development plan therefore, was heavily dependent on foreign resources transfer of technology and expertise in the planning and execution of major capital development projects i.e. as much as 50% of the total planned capital expenditure was expected from external sources. There was the plan to mine minerals in the country, provide infrastructures for the conveyance of goods and services all over the Nation, the development of education and the general welfare of the Nigerian citizens.

Due to the differences in values and ethnic affiliations coupled with the burning flames of politics within the plan period, the first National development plan was not a success because of the following:-
1.     42-8% of the estimated capital expenditure allocated to the Agricultural sector was not spent. This is due to the vocational problems of projects in the country.
2.     There were the political tensions in the country.
3.     Ethnicity and regional barrier inhibit development to take place.
4.     There were personality clashes everywhere.
5.     The sum total of all these led to the Nigerian civil war thus distorting all the development plans entirely.

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